Success story

SNCF Réseau


In march 2015, PREDITIC tookpart in the Contactless Services Challenge organized by “La Nouvelle France Industrielle” made up of 7 French industrialists (BNP Paribas, BPI France, Carrefour, CNRFID, Gemalto, Orange and SNCF). The goal was to create a platform within the Economics and Industry ministry in Bercy fo big French corporations and startups still in their launch stage to meet. 

At the time, SNCF Développement was at this challenge to prospect about innovation and contactless technologies to improve their internal processes.

PREDITIC won the “SNCF” prize for its applications using the NFC technology. With this prize, PREDITIC got the support of SNCF Développement and joined the first season of the AIR incubator program. This program was launched in 2015 by the innovation management of SNCF Réseau. It was designed to accelerate its digital transformation and PREDITIC was one of the first startup to join.

Challenge des Services du Sans-contact


NFC-i_SNCF_Maintenance technicien

Originally, SNCF Réseau wanted to experiment the dematerialization of maintenance sheets for signal equipement. The idea is then to consider the feasibility of the prototype for which PREDITIC was selected. 

With the SNCF project team made up, the collaboration can officially start on september 2015 with the development of the demonstrator. 

September 2015 is the start of the project called E-isolement. Its purpose is to supply the SNCF agents with an application that will improve the maintenance process of the signal equipement. 

At the time, SNCF Réseau wants to equip its agents with this application to help them save time by being more efficient when measuring the isolation of an electrical circuit (major indicator in the rail sector). 

In less than 3 months, PREDITIC develops a prototype that matches the expectations of the SNCF Réseau project team. This project is a real success not only in terms of the satisfaction of the final users but also for the high level of collaboration between teams. PREDITIC’s reactivity as well as its high level of qualification have contributed to the success if this project. 

“Controlling the risks of  isolation defects of the electrical equipement of the rail network is a major issue for SNCF. That’s why the deployment of e-isolement is an undeniable progress.
This tool is precious especially when refining budget forecasts. “

Interview with Laurent Tardy, Project Manager SNCF Réseau.


NFC-i_Digital SNCF_VivaTech_JJThomas
Jean-Jacques Thomas, SNCF Réseau Digital & Innovation Director avec Nicolas Bournet, CEO of PREDITIC at VivaTech 2019

Trust, collaboration, value creation, attentiveness, satisfaction, durability are the words that define the relationship with SNCF Réseau. E-isolement was the first project of national scope we collaborated on.

SNCF Réseau have entrusted PREDITIC with new projects to benefit  from its cutting-edge technological skills. 

These two business app have been developed specifically for the agents on the field and, that’s what makes the projects for SNCF Réseau stand out. 

After a request form SNCF Développement, we also developed a dedicated mobile app for the mission “Raid Amazon” specifically for the SNCF employees who took part to this incredibly human and athletic adventure. 

PREDITIC drew from its significant IoT expertise ti work on the SNCF Réseau project called “tourets”. 
The main goal if this project is the management and maintenance of the cable’s reels used by SNCF Réseau. With this solution, it is possible to visualize each one of the cable’s reels data and their modification as well as the identification of the reels, their geolocation and the measurements of cables’ lengths.