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our dna

PREDITIC was born when a team of engineers and Bordeaux Computer Science Research Laboratory PhD students took part in a European program. The members of this team later became the founding associates of PREDITIC.

Thus, PREDITIC has over 15 cumulative years of experience in data processing and visualization as well as artificial intelligence technics such as Deep Learning and Edge Computing. 

Computer Science (CS) R&D is a major feature of the team PREDITIC. The close relationship that the PREDITIC technical members have with the CS research help them be at the cutting edge of technological evolutions. A constant technological watch is a must to be able to provide tailored solutions to our customers.

our values

We believe that in this ever more digitized environment, innovation needs to keep a human-centric focus. The success of our projects is based upon the values shared between our collaborators and our customers:

  • An innovation culture acquired and maintained through a thorough knowledge of Research & Development environment.
  • A customer focus, we commit to delivering both tailored response to our customers’ needs and high quality developments. The solutions supplied are adapted to our customers’ requests to fulfill their strategic needs.
  • Social responsability, every member of the team commute by public transport to reduce their carbon footprint. 
  • Transparency about our internal processes but also towards our customers. Also, financial transparency as the company’s books are published every year.

With PREDITIC you will join a passionate and dynamic team !

  • A stimulating environment in the heart of Bordeaux, 
  • A team at the cutting edge of development techniques,
  • A health insurance policy fully covered by the company, 
  • Timeslots dedicated to personal projects.